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Capitol Chiropractic Center

When I first went to the Capitol Chiropractic Center, I was experiencing lower back pain due to a fall on the ice. As a self-employed contractor, it’s important for me and my family to work on a daily basis. I was feeling much better within a few days and able to continue working as well. Since then, Dr. Stevener has kept my spine healthy and pain free.

Rick G.

I believe that Dr. Stevener’s chiropractic care is the number one factor in my ability to regain the joy of hiking and biking after a significant neck injury. Dr. Stevener has always treated me with respect and support and I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and co-workers.

Donna D.

I’m an avid runner and skier and maintaining my lifestyle is important to me. Along with being active come occasional aches and pains throughout my neck and lower back. Thanks to Dr. Stevener’s care, I’m able to maintain a high level of activity and wellness throughout the year.

Amy W.